US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in conversation with Aspen Institute president and CEO Dan Porterfield about her newest book, Fascism: A Warning. From her early days as a refugee from a war-torn Czechoslovakia to her illustrious diplomatic career, Secretary Albright has had the unique prospective of witnessing history, studying it and helping to shape it. In her new book, she examines how the ideals of early twentieth century fascists like Hitler and Mussolini still permeate today’s politics and have given rise to contemporary leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Zoe Rom

For over a century, the Turnbull family has been ranching in the Roaring Fork Valley. They’ve also been competing in Carbondale’s Wild West Rodeo, since its start in the mid-1950’s, passing down their love of competition and Western tradition from generation to generation.


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A panel discussion Tuesday will address what the changing climate means for recreation, agriculture and local economies.

Brian Scott PIO/Cache Creek Fire

 A fire broke out eight miles south of Rifle over the weekend. The Cache Creek fire is burning on steep terrain in the White River National Forest. A federal “Type 2” Team will take command of the incident this week. The fire is primarily burning heavy, dead fuels and spreading to the east.

This week on Audio Canvas, Anderson Ranch's Special Events Director Hailey Walsh talks to us about their annual auction. 

First Draft: Hannah Pittard

Jul 30, 2018

Hannah Pittard is the author of four novels.  Her most recent,Visible Empire,was an Amazon Editors' Pick for Summer Fiction, an IndieNext List Pick, and a New York Times "New and Noteworthy" Selection among others.  Her previous novels include Listen to me, The Fates will Find Their Way and Reunion. She directs the MFA program in creative writing at the University of Kentucky.

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Bestselling author Michael Pollan speaks Monday night at the Aspen Institute. He’s known for writing books like "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" and "In Defense of Food," about how plants can benefit our bodies. His newest book explores how a specific kind of plant- those with psychedelic properties- can benefit our minds, too.  

  This week: The triple threat of fire, droughts flooding throughout the valley.

Upcoming events at the Aspen Music Festival, listed every day and aired Mondays through Fridays at 8:59 and 9:59 am only on Aspen Public Radio.

Lake Christine Fire Updates

Jul 27, 2018

Update: July 29, 10:22 a.m.: All pre-evacuation notices have been lifted, due to an increase in containment--now at 72%--along with Saturday's rain. Residents are encouraged to register with both Eagle and Pitkin Counties' emergency alerts for flash-flood warnings.   

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This summer, the Aspen Art Museum commissioned its first fashion line from multimedia artist Cheryl Donegan, who calls her work “re-fashioned readymades.” She takes a garment, then dyes, prints, cuts and re-sews it to create something new. She also uses pre-made items in her paintings, on display in the new exhibit GRLZ+VEILS.  Donegan’s collection debuted via fashion show earlier this month. Her art challenges viewers to look beyond its surface.   

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Carbondale musician Jackson Emmer is an Americana singer/songwriter. He’s been touring nationally, but he comes home Friday night for Mountain Fair.

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On Tuesday night, the Carbondale Board of Trustees voted to raise the legal age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21.

Alan Fletcher chats with soprano Golda Schultz and pianist Inon Barnatan. 

Mountain Edition: July 26, 2018

Jul 26, 2018

This week, hosts Zoe Rom and Ryer Gardenswartz bring you the week's news from the Roaring Fork Valley. 

At a community meeting Wednesday night, officials from Eagle County and the Rocky Mountain Team Black incident management team said they were adding more air support to battle the Lake Christine Fire.  

Two air quality specialists have joined the team fighting the Lake Christine Fire. They are essentially smoke forecasters, here to keep people as safe and smoke-free as possible.  

Chris Mohr chats with members of the Pacifica Quartet, pianist Anton Nel and Disney conductor Richard Kaufman. On July 30, the Festival Orchestra joins the Disney crew for a live orchestral concert alongside clips of some of the most popular animated films of the past decade.

Legendary CIA Director Richard Helms titled his memoir, “A Look Over My Shoulder,” to describe his extraordinary career in in the intelligence community. As that book title suggests, perhaps the spymaster’s toughest task is to try to peer around corners to get a sense of threats that are now seen only dimly, if seen at all. Having been surprised by the speed with which Kim Jong Un developed the nuclear capability to threaten the United States and the extent of Bashir al-Assad’s remaining chemical weapons stocks, to cite two recent examples, what else is on the horizon that could pose a danger to America and our interests around the globe?

Security experts agree that Russia is already interfering in this year’s mid-terms.

Though efforts are underway to stop them, what more can be done to put an end to Russia’s interference in our elections and democratic institutions?