Artists are 'Unbridled' in Aspen Chapel Gallery show

May 1, 2018

Credit Aspen Chapel

Artists from the current ceramics show "Unbridled" will discuss their work Wednesday evening at the Aspen Chapel Gallery.



"Unbridled" refers to curator Molly Peacock’s invitation to artists to simply submit a current project for the show, rather than creating something new to fit a more restrictive theme.  

Gallery co-director Tom Ward said this led to an unusual amount of diversity from the 10 artists. “Everybody is so different that it’s really eclectic, and yet it all fits together, because each person makes a strong statement.”


Works include large ceramic tree branches by Lisa Grace, wall hangings done entirely in black and white by Michael Bonds and mugs with a contemporary twist by Dehmie Dehmlow.  

Wednesday’s discussion will be moderated by former Aspen Art Museum curator David Floria, who formed questions after meeting with each individual artist. It starts at 5:30 p.m.