Aspen Rotary Club to host high school extemporaneous speech contest

Mar 28, 2018

The winners of the Rotary Club of Aspen’s second annual extemporaneous speech contest.

The Rotary Club of Aspen is sponsoring the third annual extemporaneous speech contest for high schoolers on April 18.

“Extemporaneous” is a fancy word for on-the-spot; the contest's participants will choose a topic from several options, then take a half hour to prepare a short speech, which they deliver in front of a panel of judges.


According to the Rotary Club of Aspen, extemporaneous speaking is a great way for young people to hone the ability to think critically on their feet. All high school students, from Aspen to Rifle, are eligible to enter. The deadline is April 11; the first-place prize is $1,000.