Breaking into a hot vehicle to rescue a child or dog no longer illegal

Aug 18, 2017


It is no longer illegal to break into a hot vehicle to rescue a child or dog. A new law went into effect earlier this month that waives liability for a good Samaritan.

The law requires someone to first try other options, such as unlocking the door and calling 911. But if a good Samartian chooses to break down a window, they won’t be liable. Republican Rep. Lori Saine of Firestone is one of the main sponsors of the bipartisan bill. She said it’s common sense.


“...to help people take the steps to save a life,” Saine said.  


Saine said the measure aims to educate people on how quickly cars can reach searing temperatures. According to the non-profit kids and cars, 37 children have died from heatstroke this year after being trapped inside a vehicle.