Carbondale Seeks Feedback On Mixed-Use Housing For Artists

Jun 27, 2018

Wendy Holmes (right) and Anna Growcott (left) from Artspace answering questions at a meeting for affordable housing in Carbondale last December.
Credit Claire Woodcock

Carbondale is looking for input from artists on a potential mixed-use housing development. An online survey is the next step in an ongoing collaboration between the town and national nonprofit Artspace, which helps communities build affordable housing for creatives.



Last winter, Carbondale artists told Artspace they want more than affordable housing. They need affordable studio space, too. As a result, Artspace recommended building a live-work development.

Angie Sprang with the town of Carbondale said they want to zero in on reactions to mixed-use housing.


“The survey is going to delve into details of that specifically, and what people need in a live-work space,” Sprang said.

The survey will gather feedback on potential design elements, like open floor plans and community spaces. It also asks respondents about their interest in living in the development, to gauge whether the market is strong enough to support such a project.

The survey is available on the Carbondale Arts website until Aug. 6.