CDOT, county to alter 82 near pass

Sep 28, 2016

Colorado Department of Transportation traffic engineer Zane Znamenacek and Pitkin County Public Works Director Brian Pettet present information to commissioners on Tuesday.
Pitkin County commissioners decided Tuesday to spend $250,000 to build a turnaround area for oversized trucks heading up Independence Pass.


The turnaround will be located right before the winter closure gate on Highway 82. It’s part of a two-pronged approach aimed at preventing semi trucks and other vehicles longer than 35 feet from going over the narrow stretch.

The Colorado Department of Transportation, or CDOT, will spend $200,000 to install a detection system a mile west of the turnaround area. The agency will also redesign a portion of the road to make it nearly impossible for a large vehicle to get through.

Commissioner Patti Clapper asked Zane Znamenacek, a CDOT traffic engineer, exactly what the redesign entails.

“Can you explain Chicane? Can you define Chicane? A whoop-de-do like that. Sort of like an S-curve,” responded.

Construction will start in the spring. Officials hope to have the project done before the Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs closes in August.