Community Invited To 'Make A Salad' And Eat It, Too

Jul 12, 2018

Alison Knowles, Make a Salad, 1962. Performed at the Chelsea Market Passage on the High Line in New York City, 22 April 2012.
Credit Walker Art Center

On Sunday, attendees are invited to bring their appetites to a performance art installation at the Aspen Art Museum.  



In her piece, “Proposition #2: Make A Salad,” artist Alison Knowles will lead a group of locals in doing exactly that. They will join her in chopping and tossing vegetables donated from ACES’ Rock Bottom Ranch and Two Roots Farm.  

Knowles premiered “Make A Salad” in 1962.  Since then, she’s performed it over a dozen times. The salads she creates are tarp-sized, and the ingredients vary depending on her location.

Knowles wants people to pay more attention to an activity that they may perform mindlessly every day.

At the conclusion, attendees will come together and eat the salad. Once everyone is done, Nicole Woods, an art professor from the University of Notre Dame, will discuss Knowles’ work and other art that uses food.