Eagle County examines another Tree Farm development proposal

May 31, 2017

The ski lake at the Tree Farm.
Credit Aspen Public Radio

On Thursday night, Eagle County commissioners will see updated plans for a mid-valley housing development. Woody Ventures is the developer on the proposed Tree Farm.

At the last meeting, commissioners asked to see more affordable housing in the plan. The new proposal in front of Eagle County has bumped the number of affordable housing units from 43 to 50. These are price-capped, meaning they can’t appreciate more than 3 percent per year.


Of the 340 total units, 150 will be available to local buyers only, for a short time. These are “resident-occupied,” but, after 60 days on the market, they can be sold to anyone. Out of town buyers would have to pay a 1 percent fee to Eagle County’s housing authority.


Woody Ventures has also dedicated a little less than an acre to the Roaring Fork School District for affordable housing. Any new development has to give either money or land to the school district. In other words, this would have happened anyway.


This is the fourth time commissioners will consider the developer’s plan. They are not expected to reach a final decision. The meeting begins Thursday at 5 p.m. in El Jebel at the Eagle County building.