Governor Hickenlooper Visits Lake Christine Fire

Jul 6, 2018

Earlier today Governor John Hickenlooper appeared with Senator Cory Gardener and Representative Scott Tipton at the Lake Christine Fire Command center

Governor Hickenlooper visits Lake Christine Fire

  to express their appreciation for ground crews despite limited resources.

The Lake Christine fire is one of many wildfires burning in Colorado, and Governor Hickenlooper recognized that this means resources must be prioritized.


"You get this many fires as one time, you obviously stretch your resources thin. What we’ve been doing, what we saw in the last couple days was prioritizing those places at highest risk," said Hickenlooper.

The Lake Christine Fire’s proximity to houses, Highway 82 and powerlines meant that it was prioritized ahead of much larger fires - like the spring fire - when resources such as aircraft and crews were allocated.

The number of crew on the ground could be as much as 400  by Monday.