Heidi Zuckerman's new book is trailblazer for women, minorities in art

Oct 25, 2017

Credit Courtesy of Aspen Art Museum

Heidi Zuckerman has been leading the Aspen Art Museum for more than a decade. In that time, she’s gotten to speak with dozens of contemporary artists, some of which are now published in her new book, “Conversations with Artists.”


Zuckerman interviews artists like Karin Mamma Andersson and Simon Denny, who’ve presented their works at the Aspen Art Museum through solo exhibitions in recent years. The book also includes profiles of artists she worked with during her time at UC Berkeley.

“That there isn't a book like this that is done by a woman," she said of facilitating these conversations. "I think that is part of the appeal in our time to be able to hear this type of discussion being formulated and presented and analyzed and shared by a female voice.”


In addition to giving voice to groups who have been marginalized, she said publicizing these conversations is part of a larger effort to make contemporary art accessible to all.