An interview with Aspen school board candidate Lee Mulcahy

Oct 23, 2015

Lee Mulcahy is a candidate for the Aspen school board. He's also advocating for separate issues on the November ballot, like Question 2A.
Credit Marci Krivonen

Five people are vying for two open seats on the Aspen School District’s Board of Education. Issues being discussed this campaign season include district funding and school culture. All of the candidates support ballot question 3A, which seeks school funding through property taxes.

Candidate Lee Mulcahy works as an artist and taught at one time. He thinks there’s an atmosphere of fear in the district. In a campaign ad he promises to put the superintendent “on notice.” He also wants expanded vocational classes and more honors courses. He would like to see no school on the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen spoke with him.

Mulcahy has been controversial for many years. In 2010 he was suspended and banned from Aspen Skiing Company properties for distributing flyers that were critical of SkiCo wages. SkiCo later fired him from his job as a ski instructor. In April, The Aspen Times reports the Pitkin County Commissioners turned down his efforts to get on the Senior Services Council, with one commissioner saying Mulcahy brings controversy to whatever he's involved in. He's had clashes with non profit organizations, most notably, the Aspen Institute.

Voters are choosing two candidates instead of three because of a clerical error. The two candidates with the most votes in the November election will receive a four-year term. The new board will then appoint a third open position to a two-year term.