Keeling Curve Prize Winners To Tackle Climate Solutions

Jul 2, 2018

On Friday, an Aspen-based organization awarded $250,000 to 10 groups working on solutions to climate change.


Ten projects were awarded $25,000 each to tackle issues like grassland restoration, carbon pricing and producing biofuel for cooking and lighting. Keeling Curve Prize co-founder Jackie Francis said these projects were chosen because they have the potential to make an immediate impact.

“I see the Keeling Curve Prize as watering the seeds of possibility that are out there and once we start to see these seeds grow, we’ll see the whole environment around this change,” Francis said.

She said there needs to be increased communication and collaboration among those working on solutions to climate change and hopes the Keeling Curve Prize can help scientists, policy experts and investors make connections.

This is the first year of the award.