Magic, mime and theater intermingle in 'Oddville: A Love Story?'

May 10, 2018

"Oddville: A Love Story?" creator Dave Shirley
Credit oddvilletheshow.com

The multimedia production “Oddville: A Love Story?” takes the stage in Basalt on Friday.  It combines theater with magic, mime, physical comedy and technology.




Dave Shirley, the Denver-based creator of “Oddville,” pushes the boundaries of comedy beyond someone telling jokes on a stage.  And this production, a boy-meets-girl story with a futuristic twist, defies categorization.

Shirley is a former street performer. He originally set out to create a one-man show that simply showcased juggling, magic and other skills. But he came to realize that it needed a story, too. “Something that, at its heart, people connected to, rather than: 'wow, here’s a guy who can do a bunch of different things.'”

Even though there is a plot, he wanted audiences to pay attention to the visuals on-stage, not dialogue. And so the whole story is told through movement and music.

“Oddville: A Love Story?” starts at 8 p.m. at the Temporary.