Officials consider digital update to John Denver Sanctuary

Dec 18, 2017

Annie Denver has worked with the City of Aspen parks department to create the John Denver Sanctuary. Officials have a plan for updated information in the area.
Credit Elizabeth Stewart-Severy/Aspen Public Radio News

On Monday, Aspen City Council will consider funding a project to tell the story of the John Denver Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary near Rio Grande Park is a tribute to John Denver’s music and also his legacy as an outspoken conservationist. The streams and small ponds are not just for the aesthetics; they are a critical part of Aspen’s stormwater treatment program. But there isn’t yet much information in the park about how it works double-duty.


City officials have a plan to share interactive stories about the water quality and Denver’s music and philosophy, using your smartphone or tablet.

The $60,000 planning and design project would be funded by a grant from the Roaring Fork Conservancy.