Oil and gas summit brings 800 to Denver

Aug 28, 2017

Denver Metro Chamber CEO, Kelly Brough started off day 2 of the Colorado Oil and Gas Energy Summit.
Credit Colorado Oil & Gas Association's Instagram account

About 800 people were in Denver last week for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual Energy Summit. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet discussed the future of the industry.


Both senators praised the oil and gas sector for creating high paying jobs and boosting Colorado’s economy. But Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet said the industry must tackle the hard questions like climate change and work with concerned citizens. He also urged innovation.

“Somebody is going to engineer our way to a lower carbon future,” Bennet said. “I would rather that be the United State of America than China.”

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner said the country is better off reducing carbon emissions and pollution and supporting wind and solar, to a point.

“Where I draw the line is I’m not willing to hurt the economy, and I’m not willing to drive up costs for those who can least afford it,” Garnder said.

Colorado has long been the epicenter of the discussion over fracking and environmental regulations. Gov. Hickenlooper recently unveiled new guidelines after a fatal home explosion last spring caused by a severed oil and gas flow line.