Primary Election: More Ballots Mailed, Not Necessarily Returned

Jun 25, 2018

Credit Elise Thatcher

Tuesday is Colorado’s primary election, when Republicans and Democrats choose who will represent their party in November. Unaffiliated voters recieved ballots this year, too, but more ballots mailed doesn’t necessarily mean more votes cast.

As of Monday morning, fewer than 20 percent of voters in Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle counties had returned ballots.

This is a higher figure than the one from 2014, which was the last primary during a governor’s race. That, of course, was before unaffiliated voters could participate in the primary, and they’re a big group of voters.

In Garfield County, they’re the biggest group of voters. They were given both parties’ ballots and could return only one. As of Monday morning, around 12 percent of them had done so.

Despite an unimpressive turn out so far, it’s common for a quarter to a third of votes cast to happen on election day.