Safer Ped Crossing To Come At Buttermilk

Jun 13, 2018

Pitkin County staff is asking for funding to design a new pedestrian underpass at Buttermilk.

At a meeting Thursday, elected officials will discuss two ways to improve alternative transportation near Aspen.


Earlier this year, the Elected Officials Transportation Committee (EOTC) approved a study of the pedestrian crossing at Buttermilk. On Thursday, Pitkin County staff will present results, which show that improving that crossing would both increase safety for those on foot and reduce traffic delays. Now, staff is asking for $800,000 to complete design work for a pedestrian underpass at that location.

Officials will also discuss funding a new electric bus program. The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is looking to purchase eight battery powered busses that would be used in Aspen and parts of the upper Roaring Fork Valley. The total cost is estimated at about $8.5 million; the EOTC is being asked to contribute $500,000.

The meeting starts Thursday at 4 p.m. at Aspen City Council chambers.