Second stage of 'Ritual' brings new energy to Aspen Art Museum

Apr 2, 2018

Credit Anne Collier, Aura (Baldessari) / The Artist and Anton Kern Gallery

The second phase of Aspen Art Museum’s year-long exhibit ‘Ritual’ opens this week.  The museum celebrated with a changeover event related to the work of one of the artists on display.  


A selection of Anne Collier’s aura photography will be part of the new iteration of ‘Ritual.’  This type of photography relies on hand-built cameras that can purportedly capture a person’s energy field.



Last week, Christina Lonsdale from the pop up aura photography studio Radiant Human was on hand, photographing museum-goers. She explained the process. “What this is able to do is translate your body’s electricity so that we can see it. This is who you are in this moment in time, very true to photography.”



The second phase of Ritual displays work from Collier and four other artists exploring spiritual and religious rituals.  



The exhibit includes Meschac Gaba’s Memorial for Drowned Refugees, a piece based on a West African ritual for drowned sailors, and Kris Martin’s Mandi XVI , which will involve a daily minute of silence at the museum.  



Part two of 'Ritual' opens Wednesday.