Snowmass Arts Board works to install new public art piece

May 24, 2018

Snowmass Village Town Hall
Credit Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

The Snowmass Arts Advisory Board is working on a new public art piece to honor Snowmass’ 50th anniversary.



The art board originally planned on an interactive piece of art made from ski goggles to commemorate the anniversary. Plans for the permanent installation on private land fell through. Now they’re considering new places and possibly even a new work.  

Linda Rennick, the chairwoman of the arts board, said even if the public art piece changes, the goal is to bring a sense of excitement to Snowmass.


“We are looking for interaction with public art and more participation by the town,” Rennick said.

Rennick said that the process of approval is slow because a public art piece has to satisfy a lot of different parties, from the artist to the town council to the public.

“You know, we’re in ASAP mode, but public art moves at a very slow pace," Rennick said. "There’s just a lot of boxes that have to be checked.”

According to Rennick, the next steps are getting approval for a location on public property, then looking at whether the goggle piece is suitable for that location, or if a new work needs to be commissioned.

The Snowmass Arts Advisory Board is aiming to install the piece by the end of the year.