Solar-powered water tanks keep livestock in the drink

Oct 15, 2017

Sun tanks use passive solar energy to keep water from freezing in the winter.
Credit Courtesy of Holy Cross Energy

This month, a local utility is offering discounts for energy-saving water tanks for livestock.


Cattle and other livestock need water all winter — even when it’s freezing outside. As Brandon Jones with Garfield Clean Energy explained, it’s not always easy.


“Livestock owners are either paying an arm and a leg on their electric bill to heat water outdoors in our cold winter climate or they’re forced to break up ice with a sledgehammer or an ice pick and shovel it out of tanks that are unheated and insulated,” Jones said.

Holy Cross Electric is offering discounts on passive solar water tanks, which capture solar energy to keep water from freezing. Several other utilities, including Xcel Energy, Glenwood Springs Electric and Aspen Electric are offering rebates.