Wilderness Workshop announces 2018 'Artists in Wilderness'

Mar 25, 2018

Credit Andrew Travers / Aspen Times

Wilderness Workshop has selected the five artists they will bring to Aspen this summer for the "Artists in Wilderness" residency. The week-long program brings artists to local open spaces for inspiration.

Mary Hughes and Caro Gray-Bosca are two of the winners; the duo has worked together for 20 years. When they got word they had won the residency from Wilderness Workshop, they were shocked. Gray-Bosca said, "I thought there was no way we were going to get it." 

Hughes had a similar reaction: "I almost fell off my chair."

Gray-Bosca said they look forward to gaining new perspective from the experience. "Very often you look at nature and it’s so different from what you see on TV.  It’s so vast. And I think it will inspire great things."

For the first time this year Wilderness Workshop selected all jewelry artists. The residency runs from late summer into early fall.