Xavier Rudd Brings Summer 'Storm' to Aspen

May 31, 2018

Australian singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd comes to the Belly Up this weekend on his "Storm Boy" tour. Rudd says he's found energy from his global audiences throughout his 16-year career.  


"Storm Boy" is Rudd's first solo release in six years.  He says it is a journal of sorts, documenting personal growth he’s made through travel and marriage. He's known for optimistic, uplifting music and says he finds hope in his international audiences.  

“Everywhere I go in the world, it’s great people wanting to celebrate change for a better world and human beings uniting and changing our ways to embrace a more positive future,” Rudd said.

Rudd plays a host of musical instruments, including the didgeridoo, a wooden pipe that can be up to 10 feet long that was developed by indigenous Australians.  Playing such a large, resonant instrument is a soulful experience for Rudd.

“I’m pushing a lot of air through my system at a fast rate, and it makes you feel like ten feet tall,” he said.

Rudd takes the stage at the Belly Up on Sunday night.