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Carbondale Arts

A new exhibit at Carbondale’s R2 Gallery highlights modern twists on one of the oldest art forms...printmaking.  

First Draft: Joe Mungo Reed

Aug 13, 2018

Joe Mungo Reed was born in London and raised in Gloucestershire, England. He has a master’s in philosophy and politics at the University of Edinburgh and an MFA in creative writing at Syracuse University, where he won the Joyce Carol Oates Award in Fiction. He is the author of the novel, We Begin Our Ascent, and his short stories have appeared in VQR and Gigantic and anthologized in Best of Gigantic.

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Madeleine Albright was America’s first female secretary of state.  She served under President Bill Clinton from 1997-2001. She recently published the book "Fascism: A Warning."  

The Lincoln Center

Creating a memory is more like writing a song than taking a photograph. The emotions and prior experiences that come into play when we form a memory, make things like eyewitness testimony pretty unreliable. Composer Bruce Adolphe and neuroscientist Assal Habibi were in Aspen last week as a part of a series called “The Science of Music."

An art show opening at the Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt on Wednesday re-examines women’s roles in the American West.

First Draft: Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkin

Aug 6, 2018

Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkin are co-editors of the anthology Who Will Speak for America?  In this lively collection, 40 novelists, essayists, poets, and artists confront the political division heightened by the Trump presidency and imagine a just future for the USA.

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The documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” screens Monday night at Paepcke Auditorium as part of the Aspen Institute Eisner/Laudner “New Views” film series. It focuses on the radical kindness of Fred Rogers, the unassuming star of the beloved television program, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Rogers and his cast of puppets spoke directly to young children about emotions, death, divorce and acceptance.


This week on Audio Canvas we chat with artist Catherine Opie. 

Welcome to the beginning of another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Artist David Kassen paints portraits of Holocaust survivors. On Tuesday at the Aspen Jewish Community Center, he’ll sketch Hanna Pankowsky. She fled the Nazi regime in Poland when she was 10. It’s part of an event that aims to remind the audience that the Holocaust is not ancient history.

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

The words "summer camp" might make you think of overnights under the stars, mystery meat in the dining hall and marshmallows roasted around a glowing campfire. But there are no sappy singalongs at one unique Carbondale summer camp. At Carbondale Arts' DJ Camp, young musicians are using computers and turntables to write their own summer soundtracks.  

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

Fungi are some of the ecosystem’s unsung heroes. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) is giving them their day in the sun on Friday at Mushroom Fair.  

The documentary “The Price of Everything” will be screened Thursday at the Aspen Institute.

Longtime Aspen local Jennifer Stockman produced the film, which features interviews with collectors, dealers, auctioneers and artists.



This week on Audio Canvas, Anderson Ranch's Special Events Director Hailey Walsh talks to us about their annual auction. 

First Draft: Hannah Pittard

Jul 30, 2018

Hannah Pittard is the author of four novels.  Her most recent,Visible Empire,was an Amazon Editors' Pick for Summer Fiction, an IndieNext List Pick, and a New York Times "New and Noteworthy" Selection among others.  Her previous novels include Listen to me, The Fates will Find Their Way and Reunion. She directs the MFA program in creative writing at the University of Kentucky.

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Bestselling author Michael Pollan speaks Monday night at the Aspen Institute. He’s known for writing books like "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" and "In Defense of Food," about how plants can benefit our bodies. His newest book explores how a specific kind of plant- those with psychedelic properties- can benefit our minds, too.  

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

This summer, the Aspen Art Museum commissioned its first fashion line from multimedia artist Cheryl Donegan, who calls her work “re-fashioned readymades.” She takes a garment, then dyes, prints, cuts and re-sews it to create something new. She also uses pre-made items in her paintings, on display in the new exhibit GRLZ+VEILS.  Donegan’s collection debuted via fashion show earlier this month. Her art challenges viewers to look beyond its surface.   

Olive & West Photography

Carbondale musician Jackson Emmer is an Americana singer/songwriter. He’s been touring nationally, but he comes home Friday night for Mountain Fair.

Author Kevin Fedarko is Aspen Words’ Writer-in-Residence for the month of July. Fedarko’s first book “The Emerald Mile” came out in 2015. It was a bestseller about three river guides who made the fastest trip in history on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. He’ll discuss his writing in Aspen Wednesday evening.

On this week's Canvas, we explore The Andrson Ranch's Friday auctionettes -- from an intern receiving a record high bid, to blasting Michael Jackson's jams.