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Brent Gardner-Smith/Aspen Journalism
Carollo Engineers' integrated water resource plan, which accounts for the effects of climate change and an increased population in Aspen, was presented to the City Council on Monday. Aspen Public Radio reporter Halle Zander sat down with Aspen Journalism’s managing editor, Heather Sackett, to discuss details of this plan.
Mountain West News Bureau
Western Water
  • After another long, dry summer across the West, reservoirs in the region remain at record-low levels. It will take years of wet winters to climb out of drought, and La Niña conditions mean this winter is unlikely to bring one.
  • Deep in the Cameron Peak burn scar, nestled among charred hills, there’s an oasis of green — an idyllic patch of trickling streams that wind through a lush grass field. Apart from a few scorched branches on the periphery, it’s hard to tell that this particular spot was in the middle of Colorado's largest-ever wildfire just a year ago. This wetland was spared thanks to the work of beavers.
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