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Aspen Approves City's First Retail Pot Shop

The Aspen medical marijuana dispensary Silverpeak Apothecary is expected to open the city’s first retail pot shop in a matter of weeks. Aspen Public Radio’s Rob St. Mary reports.

The City of Aspen’s Local License Authority Board approved the retail marijuana license for owner Jordan Lewis on Tuesday morning. Before he can start selling retail pot, Lewis has two small issues to handle. To make his license 100 percent legal, he must install signs stating no one under 21 is allowed to buy retail marijuana and sending the State an update of the floor plans for his shop. The unanimous approval by the Aspen board was met with congratulations to Lewis on becoming the pioneer of retail pot in Pitkin County.  Lewis says he’s finishing up an expansion of his storefront, plans to hire six to ten new employees and is waiting for final approval from the County Board of Commissioners on a retail grow operation. Lewis says his new retail operation will be about educating buyers.

“This is going to be their first exposure to marijuana for a lot people. So, we’re going to provide an experience hopefully that educates them, informs them… and sort of makes them feel comfortable that they can make a decision they are happy with by the time they leave.”

If final approvals are given by the County on February 12th, Lewis expects to open retail sales soon after. But, expect prices for retail pot to be high for a year or so. Lewis says the state only allows a one-time transfer of medical product to the retail side of a business. That will help get him started but the growing operation is a must in order to make sure a continued supply of product is available for Aspen’s first retail pot shop.

More on Silverpeak Apothecary: http://www.silverpeakapothecary.com/

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