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First Retail Pot Shop in the Valley to Open in Carbondale

Doctor's Garden facebook page

The first retail marijuana shop is expected to open in the Roaring Fork Valley this week. Aspen Public Radio’s Rob St. Mary has more. 

James Leonard is managing partner of the Carbondale medical marijuana dispensary “Doctor’s Garden” which is set to open the retail side following approval by the city’s licensing authority, last night. As Leonard gets ready for today’s opening, he says fellow Denver retailers have been sharing their pitfalls.

“A lot of them had to do with child-proof packaging and labeling… things like that. So, definitely, go some heads up on things like that. So, I’m glad I actually got delayed… maybe 15 days… so I did have an opportunity to learn from of some the mistakes the shops in Denver are making.”

Because “Doctor’s Garden” is the first retail shop in the Valley, market forces will be at work. Leonard says with the closest retail pot shop over 100-miles away in Breckenridge, he’ll be busy, and buyers should expect higher prices and purchase limits.  

“There’s just a lot larger number of clientele, you know, it’s only a certain amount of people who went through the hoopla to get the red card.”

Leonard says as he readies for retail, the phone is ringing. He’s heard from people in Grand Junction and even concierge service at Aspen resort hotels asking about price and pick-up for recreational pot as soon as his doors open to the public.

More on "Doctor's Garden": https://www.facebook.com/DoctorsGardenMMJ

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