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Valley Roundup - September 12th, 2014


Welcome to Valley Roundup a review of the top news stories in the valley in the past week. I’m Rob St.  Mary sitting in for Roger Adams who is off this week.

This week, the Pitkin County Commissioners are considering sending some money down the valley to help build the new bridge in Glenwood Springs. We’ll get a look at feelings on this on both sides of valley.

Parking has been an issue in Aspen for quite some time… but did you know about a scam at the meter that was taking over 50-thousand dollars month from the city? We’ll talk about that.

And, summer is over, but would the valley be up for “Whatever”? We’ll hear some thoughts on last weekend’s takeover of Crested Butte by a beer company.

And, the download is away this week. But, we go back to the days when radio was king and talk to the author of new book about the comedy team of “Bob and Ray” and their lasting influence.

That’s coming up on Valley Roundup.

Pitkin County to chip in on Glenwood Springs bridge project:




Affordable restaurant space in Aspen?:

Aspen changes parking after thousands of dollars are lost monthly in scam:



Gov. Hickenlooper & the oil and gas panel:


Summer season is over: challenges/opportunities?:



Crested Butte becomes “Whatever USA”:


The Download is away this week.

Instead, Rob St. Mary interviewed David Pollock – author of “Bob and Ray: Keener Than Most Persons”