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Pitkin County Clerk "Excited" To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Jose Antonio Navas/Creative Commons/Flickr

The Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder is already fielding inquiries after a U.S. Supreme Court non-decision on Monday opened the door for same sex couples to wed. The high court’s refusal to take up the issue impacts Colorado. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen explains.

County clerks across the state will begin issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples likely in a matter of days. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says a ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down gay marriage bans will apply in Colorado.

He told Colorado Public Radio the only thing standing in the way of clerks issuing licenses are stays, or temporary suspensions, by the 10th Circuit Court and the State Supreme Court.

At the Pitkin County Courthouse, staff in the office that handles marriage licenses are excited. County Clerk Janice VosCaudill says they were happy to hear the news.

"We’re excited and happy to be a part of this history. And, we look forward to issuing same-sex marriage licenses to community members who wish to get married," she says.

Aspen resident Jason Burns is looking forward to getting married. I spoke to him on Monday.

"When I heard the news this morning, the first call I made was to Janice at the Clerk and Recorder’s office, finding out when the stay is going to be lifted. I’d love to be the first one in line when that day comes."

He compares many aspects of his relationship with his long-time partner, Sean Madsen, to a marriage. But, he says they miss out on benefits.

"Where it has been difficult is with insurance and taxes and all of things and benefits other married couples are able to receive."

Burns has advocated for marriage equality with the Gill Foundation, a gay rights organization started in Denver.

The Eagle County Clerk says her office is ready to issue licenses when the stay is lifted. As of Monday afternoon, she had not taken any inquiries from people interested in getting married. Staff in the Garfield County Clerk’s office weren’t aware of any questions from community members about the issue.

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