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NBC's Dateline Takes on Pfister Case

NBC News

An investigative report by NBC about the Nancy Pfister case will air tonight, Friday October 10th, at 7pm Mountain Time. The two hour long Dateline special includes unusual interviews with former defendants Kathy Carpenter and Nancy Styler. Network reporter Keith Morrison says the characters in the case made it worth an extended look at what happened before and after Nancy Pfister died earlier this year. 

In particular Morrison found Pfister compelling because of her seemingly free and easy lifestyle, even into her 50’s.  Morrison interviewed locals this fall and wants the community to know he wasn’t trying to take advantage of the story for personal or network benefit. He also understands many residents in the Upper Valley believe outside reporters wouldn’t focus on the Pfister case if it hadn’t happened in Aspen. Morrison says he would have covered the case even if had taken place elsewhere.

NBC’s Dateline comes on the heels of similar specials by ABC and CBS. It’ll broadcast tonight at 7pm Mountain Time.Morrison interviews former defendants Nancy Styler and Carbondale resident Kathy Carpenter, both whom rarely talk to the media. 

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