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5 Point Film: WWII Veteran Returns To Normandy To Fly-Fish

5pointfilm.org/Mending The Line

Carbondale’s Five Point Film Festival is in Aspen this weekend. The non profit will screen 9 short films at the Wheeler Opera House on Saturday. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen spoke to one of the film’s main characters. Oregon-based Frank Moore is a WWII veteran and avid fly fisherman.

Moore is profiled in the documentary Mending the Line by a Portland, Oregon based filmmaking company. The 92-year-old’s sharp mind and eternal optimism shines through as he tells the story of landing on the beach in Normandy, France.

"When the ramp dropped on the landing craft going into Normandy, there were two things I thought of - one was my beautiful wife Jeanne and the other was my flyrod and I can’t remember which came first!(laughs)."

The rivers Moore passed on that D-Day invasion in 1944 caught his eye. In the film, he returns with his son and wife to fly-fish them. Moore will be a guest speaker at the film screening, which starts at 6 o’clock Saturday.

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