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Plan lays out recommendations for reducing water use in Roaring Fork Valley

Ruedi Water and Power Authority

An effort is underway to get people to conserve water across the Roaring Fork Valley. On Tuesday a public meeting will be held in El Jebel on the Regional Water Efficiency Plan.

For more than a year, major water suppliers in the Valley like the Cities of Aspen and Glenwood Springs, have been creating their own water efficiency plans. Those plans make up a larger effort. It lays out ways to use less water.

The Regional Water Efficiency Plan recommends an education program around wise water use and more communication between landscapers to reduce outdoor water use. Mark Fuller directs the Ruedi Water and Power Authority. He’s coordinating the plan.

"We’re as drought prone as any place in the country," he says. "We’re not in as bad of shape as California, but we can see low stream flows, low snowpack, low rain totals."

Water conservation has also been pinpointed as a critical way to meet water needs in the future as Colorado’s population grows. A public meeting will be held Tuesday night at the Eagle County Building at 6:30.