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RFTA delays vote on access plan


  The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority will decide in September whether to approve an updated approach for preserving its rail corridor. RFTA’s Board of Directors had planned on voting on the matter this summer, but instead they’ll delay and spend more time addressing questions and concerns.

Angela Kincade is overseeing RFTA’s updated plan, which details how the Authority will keep its rail right of way intact. “At this particular moment we are walking through the initial comments and creating our initial responses,” says Kincade.

RFTA has received strong criticism this year about just what impact preserving the corridor would have on local governments. Most of the comments the agency received were from those entities. “Primarily we’re trying to address how jurisdictions can build public crossings across the railroad corridor,” says Kincade, “as well as there’s a lot of confusion about what constitutes a change of use with a current crossing.”

Those local governments are on the board deciding whether to approve the plan, so RFTA wants to make sure everyone’s convinced before a vote in the fall.


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