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UPDATED: New GarCo Manager already in place

Elise Thatcher

Garfield County's Manager is out, and there’s already a replacement. Deputy County Manager Kevin Batchelder has taken the reins. Drew Gorgey says he doesn’t know what he’s doing next, aside from continuing some side projects. On Wednesday morning, he and Garfield County Commissioners formalized what’s being called “mutual separate agreement,” and Gorgey was officially finished as of 5pm Wednesday evening.

“When I first took the job on the interim basis in 2012, I really intended to only have it on that interim basis,” said Gorgay later Wednesday. “I never intended to take it permanently.”

But Gorgey’s current contract wasn’t up yet and the breakneck speed of his departure is notable. In barely more than twenty four hours, the County announced he was probably leaving, formally approved the change, and swore in a new manager. Officials are tightlipped about what might be going on behind the scenes.

Gorgey is quick with high praise for his replacement, former Deputy County Manager Kevin Batchelder. Gorgey says he’ll take a few days to think about what to do next, and plans to take a short trip to Taos with a friend. He doesn’t have a position waiting for him, but is already on interim appointment lists with cities or counties. Gorgey is considering working in other Western states.

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