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Arrest warrant issued for town councilman

Pitkin County Jail


An arrest warrant has been issued for a Snowmass Town Councilman who allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage at the Pitkin County Jail. Aspen Public Radio's Carolyn Sackariason reports.

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe Disalvo has asked Chris Jacobson to turn himself in on the felony charge of criminal mischief. He is expected to do that Thursday. Snowmass attorney Arnie Mordkin is representing Jacobson.

“I have spoken with the authorities. I expect him to turn himself in, not in the next two minutes. I will accompany him, as I do with almost all of my clients,” he said Wednesday.

Jacobson is accused of causing $14,500 in damage at the jail last month. Jacobson was arrested for drunk driving in the early morning hours of June 26. Once he got in jail, he allegedly ripped things off the walls of the holding cells he was placed in. That included unbolting from the floor a restraint chair he was in.

DiSalvo says one of the holding cells where Jacobson did damage will be out of commission for three weeks while repairs are made. The sheriff says it’s not unusual to ask people who are established in the community to come in on their own terms. But if they don’t, any law enforcement agent can arrest them.

“It is a courtesy we do for people so that they can prepare and usually within a few hours  they do that,” he says.

Jacobson’s bond will be $2,500 when and if he turns himself in.


Carolyn Sackariason, Aspen Public Radio news.