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Housing survey gathering data on Aspen, Pitkin County workers


Aspen’s workforce housing program is collecting data from residents as part of an update to its guidelines. 

The Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority started disseminating surveys to workers early in July. So far, 665 people have filled them out. The survey asks about income, your profession and whether you live in workforce housing.

Right now, policy decisions are being made with old data, says Housing Authority director Mike Kosdrosky. The new information will provide a clearer picture of what’s needed.

"It’s hard to make decisions, particularly policy decisions, based on data that is 10, 15 years old. So, it’s an effort that’s essential in updating our guidelines."

The guidelines determine who’s eligible to qualify for an affordable housing unit, among other things. The program has nearly 3000 units in its inventory. Click here to find the survey.