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Gov. Hickenlooper supports Obama's Climate Action Plan

Marci Krivonen

A discussion at the Aspen Institute Monday (8/10) featuring Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper touched on a range of issues: foreign policy, teen pregnancy, marijuana and climate change. 

On climate change, Hickenlooper says it’s important to have clean air at high altitude. He supports President Obama’s Climate Action Plan and intends to enact it in Colorado.

"Even if the courts were to throw out (the EPA rules) by saying the President didn’t have the authority - I think that’s unlikely to happen, but even if it did, we’re going to work to make our air cleaner and find ways to do that cost effectively.” 

He says the state has an obligation to help communities affected by the new rules, where coal is a big employer. He favors natural gas production, sayings its much cheaper than coal.