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Aspen man to change plea in post office weapons charges

Patrick Fort

An Aspen man has decided to change his plea regarding federal weapons charges. Mauro Emilio Pennini had pleaded not guilty to two charges, after getting caught with a loaded gun, ammunition and several knives in his locker at Aspen's post office. Now his Grand Junction attorney has alerted the court that Pennini would like to plea differently.

  It’s not clear yet what the new plea would be. Fifty-seven year-old Pennini was an employee at the Aspen post office when he was arrested in June for violating a restraining order. Officers then found a stockpile of weapons and handcuffs. It is illegal to have a gun on federal property, and it is also illegal to have a firearm while under a restraining order.

Pennini is being held without bond in Grand Junction after a judge there determined he poses a danger to people in the Aspen area. Pennini also faces two charges in Pitkin County, one for violating a restraining order and one for harassment and domestic violence. That case is on hold until the federal charges are resolved.


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