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Carbondale non profit involved in Wednesday's GOP debate


A Carbondale nonprofit is getting involved in this week’s Republican presidential debate in Boulder. The True Media Foundation will aim to give youth a voice during tomorrow’s event. 

The Foundation teaches local students to produce media with positive social impact. One of its programs - Be Heard! - is spearheading the GOP effort. It’s sending two mobile production vehicles and a crew to the CU Boulder campus - the site of the debate.

Through a YouTube channel, Be Heard! will stream a live panel discussion, live reports from campus and interviews, all with young people. Christopher Tribble is the Executive Director of the True Media Foundation.

"My vision is that these politicians need to start paying attention to the next generation and where their heads are. And it would be good for them (young people) to know in their own generation, what everybody’s thinking. They need to hear each other talking - it’s people educating people."

Be Heard is teaming up with the Boulder group Student Voices Count that sprung up from outrage over a limited number of tickets to the debate being offered to the CU Boulder community. 

Click here for the link to the YouTube channel that will broadcast Be Heard!'s programming on Wednesday.