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Council could double charging stations

Alycin Bektesh
Aspen Public Radio

Despite lofty canary-initiative goals, the city of Aspen only has one publicly accessible charging station for electric vehicles.

However, if the city council approves a request tonight, it can double the available charging stations. The plan is to add a new super-fast charging station in the Rio Grande parking garage. Aspen Utilities Efficiency Specialist Ryland French says the move would bring the city closer to its carbon-reducing objectives.

“Transportation is one of the major sectors contributing to the greenhouse gases in aspen so that’s one of the goals that this ties in to” said French.

Charging stations that function in Aspen’s high altitude are hard to find, but there is a Colorado company makes one that can fully charge an electric car in 20 minutes. The current station takes two hours. The new one costs just under thirty thousand dollars - a matching grant will help subsidize half that cost.

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