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UPDATED: Glenwood Springs man accused of trying to murder family


A Glenwood Springs man may have tried to murder his family this past weekend. Byron Gardner, 41, is facing an attempted first degree murder charge and two counts of child abuse.


In an arrest warrant released Monday, police describe responding to a call at Gardner’s home in Glenwood Springs during the early hours on Saturday. Gardner and his wife appeared to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities found high levels in the home and at least one vehicle was running in an attached garage. The affidavit says the wife had been drugged and locked in the car for a period of time.  Two children were also in the home and the family was sent to Valley View Hospital for treatment.

Gardner was advised by a judge on Monday and is being held on a $500,000 bond. District Attorney Sherry Caloia was in the courtroom, and said the defendant appears to be “quite distressed over the whole thing.” Gardner has told investigators he was not trying to kill his family or commit suicide. He will be likely be charged at his next court hearing, scheduled for February 17th.

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