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Valley Roundup for Friday, Sept. 30, 2016

Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

A large turnaround lane is planned to be built on Highway 82 so semi trucks won’t go over Independence Pass. Some people are skeptical.

CDOT, county to alter 82 near pass

Truck turnaround proposed at base of Indy Pass

And a Rifle-based journalist gets hazed about his column that takes a shot at Aspen.


But in seriousness, he gives us an update on the massive marijuana bust involving Chinese nationals and how the slump in the oil and gas industry is affecting community services.


 Gas slump hits GarCo library budget


Meanwhile, health insurance premiums for people who live on the Western Slope will increase 35 percent on the statewide exchange.

Health insurance rates will go up as much as 35 percent in 2017 for PitCo

Frustrated with higher health care costs


Finally, the panel weighs in on the presidential debate held earlier this week.

The Donald is 
graded on the curve

Marolt: A bad sign planted in the front lawn | AspenTimes.com

PI columnists react to debate: Of incoherence, a biased moderator and an SNL skit

Joining me this week are Curtis Wackerle, editor of the Aspen Daily News, Roger Marolt, columnist for the Aspen Times and Ryan Hoffman, editor of the Rifle Citizen Telegram..

Valley Roundup is a production of Aspen Public Radio news.


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