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Aspen’s former mayors share Donald Trump stories

Two former mayors of Aspen spoke to Aspen Public Radio about interactions they had decades ago with Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Herman Edel served as Aspen’s mayor from 1978 to 1982. He recounts a time when Trump was interested in buying a piece of property that included the Continental Inn, what is now the Hyatt.

A great new hotel...


"At the end of this long discussion about how great this hotel is going to be he says, 'and once the hotel is over and done and finished, you're going to find that in your pockets are many, many, many shekels."

The Mayor who succeeded Herman Edel had a more personal experience with Trump. Bill Stirling served as mayor from 1983 to 1991.
"The Art of the Deal" sets records at Explore Booksellers...

"People were lined up around the block. This was the beginnings of his becoming known. And he would shake hands with a person -- I would introduce him and tell him the name, I'd sort of whisper the name to him. Then he would sign the book, and have a book a brief interaction. He was very efficient with how he did that."

The Trump campaign did not return Aspen Public Radio's request for comment. 



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