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‘Citizenship Day’ in Glenwood Springs aims to create more citizens

“Citizenship Day” is Saturday at Saint Stephen Catholic Church in Glenwood Springs. Volunteer immigration lawyers will help people apply for citizenship.

Only lawful, permanent residents can apply for citizenship. The goal for Saturday’s event is to get the ball rolling on what can be an intimidating process. The application is 20 pages long and in English. And there’s a $765 fee. This is all just to get to the stage where the interviews and test-taking happens.

A collection of teachers from CMC and the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition are organizing the event. They’ve asked people to pre-register. As of Thursday afternoon, around 20 had done so.

They’ll need to bring their passport, their green card, federal tax returns, driver’s licenses and more. It’s a long list. They need to know their old addresses. They need to be able to list the trips they’ve taken since becoming a U.S. resident.

The hope is to get 30 to 40 applications for citizenship. Citizenship Day begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday and wraps up around 1 p.m.

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