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Mountain Rescue Aspen gets top accreditation

Courtesy Photo/Mountain Rescue Aspen

Mountain Rescue Aspen received high marks in a recent assessment.

Every five years the search and rescue organization is evaluated by the International Mountain Rescue Association. The local team received marks on a number of scenarios, including avalanche rescue and steep recovery situations, such as if a climber needs assistance or if a vehicle has rolled on Independence Pass.   


Jeff Edelson, Mountain Rescue Aspen’s board president, explained that even though the accreditation is voluntary, it’s important to have regular evaluations from outside organizations. The team received top marks across the board.


“We actually got tons of feedback from our evaluators that they'd be happy to have us come rescue their family,” said Edelson. “They felt our team was very deep, very well trained, very well prepared.”


Edelson said, as the summer adventure season begins, the best thing someone can do is to prepare for worst-case scenarios by bringing extra supplies, layers and informing friends or family about where they will be.



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