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What has APR done for you lately: Candidate Chats

This spring, before the Aspen City Council election, Aspen Public Radio hosted a series of Candidate Chats. Reporter Alycin Bektesh interviewed all five candidates running for City Council and two candidates running for mayor. 

"Last year, we saw many people from all political spectrums feeling helpless as they watched the theater of national politics play out,” Bektesh said. “But here in Aspen, with such a small electorate, each voter can truly make a difference. At APR we know an informed electorate is the best base of a strong democracy. The Candidate Chats allowed every voter direct access to their city council candidates. That's what we do here - we empower through information."  

These were held at Justice Snow’s and were open to the public so guests could mingle and ask questions of their candidates. Parts of the interviews were broadcasted on the radio, and the full conversation was posted on our website. To hear the interviews, click here.

During our Summer Pledge Drive, we’re highlighting some of the services we are able to offer the community at Aspen Public Radio because of donations from people like you. To make a donation, click here.

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