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Handful of ballot measures set for PitCo voters

Elise Thatcher

This Fall, ballots will include school board elections for the Aspen and Roaring Fork School Districts, as well as finance questions from the Carbondale Fire District and the Starwood metro district. Snowmass Village is asking voters to opt out of municipal broadband restrictions. Colorado Mountain College Aspen has candidate races and two issues to put to voters. The exact language of ballot measures does not have to be turned in until September, but districts were supposed to notify the county clerk of their intention to have a ballot question by July 28. The City of Aspen did not submit that notice.

Mail ballots will go out three weeks before election day; there will be ballot drop offs in Basalt, Snowmass Village and Aspen, as well as a week of in-person early voting at the Aspen Jewish Community Center.

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