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Artist Tyler Sean Makes His Aspen Debut

Tyler Sean

Artist Tyler Sean’s show “a collection of pretty things” is currently on display at the Aspen Art Gallery. Sean wants to challenge the way viewers interpret art.

Tyler Sean, a twenty-three year old from South Florida, started his career in his parent’s basement. He was recently named the “best rising artist” in 2017 from Art Basel Miami. He makes his Aspen debut this weekend.

Sean mixes mediums and combines what he calls “unlike things.” He says he wants his art to force his viewers to perceive in a different way.


"It's a technique that I actually developed, so it allows me to create an aesthetic that really isn’t out there at the moment," said Sean. "You kind of like do a double take, its something new that you haven’t really seen before."

Sean says he wants his content to speak for itself,


"I mostly like to just do something that is new and original and kind of allow the viewer to make of it what they want. Sometimes there is deeper meaning I am going for, sometimes there is not."

On Saturday, one of Sean’s pieces will be auctioned off at the “Day of Rose” fundraiser for Shining Stars. His artwork will be on display at the Aspen Art Gallery  throughout the summer.


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