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Lift One Corridor Back In Front Of Council

An updated proposal for the Lift One Corridor at the base of Aspen Mountain’s west side was reviewed by Aspen City Council this week.

Community Development Director Jessica Garrow calls the development a fundamental change to the current set up at the base of Lift 1A. The proposal includes new buildings, a new lift that begins lower in town and the moving of several historic buildings. Height polls, spraypaint and stakes are laid out for the public to see where the footprint of each building would go, and how tall they would be at their highest point.

The new buildings would change the pedestrian experience drastically as they look up the mountain, but the downhill skier perspective out to Red Mountain would remain relatively unchanged.

The project includes requests for a zoning change, which would trigger an automatic public vote for Aspen residents. That vote will likely be help during the March municipal elections.

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