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Barwick Resigns As Aspen City Manager

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Aspen City Manager Steve Barwick agreed to resign after being asked to do so by Aspen City Council Monday night. The council met in executive session for about 45 minutes to review Barwick’s contract. He left immediately after that session.


“With regard to the city manager, a majority of council has requested his resignation, and Mr. Barwick has agreed to do so,” said Mayor Steve Skadron.


Barwick has been in his leadership role for 19 years and worked for the city for the last 25 years. He makes an annual salary of $195,228. The terms of the resignation will be worked out during an undetermined amount of time, and will come to light in a public meeting that also outlines the plan for recruiting the next city manager and to cover the interim period.


In a letter to the press, Barwick wrote of the challenges and rewards of his leadership role.


“Why, yes, Virginia, we can create world class amenities while maintaining our egalitarian nature in the face of an onslaught from the world’s most wealthy…and show 'em all how to do it right!” he wrote.


Barwick's resignation comes on the heels of another departing executive. Aspen Assistant City Manager Barry Crook resigned last month.


“I am no longer effective as a voice to the City Council,” Crook wrote at the time.


“This retirement will permit the City Manager to find the voice the council deserves.”


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