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Planning For After The Climate Strikes

Alex Hager/Aspen Public Radio

More than 4 million people in 163 countries participated in youth-led climate strikes in September. Now what? That’s the question being asked at “Beyond the Strike”, a climate forum being held Wednesday night in Carbondale.

Marching in the streets certainly calls attention to the threat of climate change. Up next, taking action to address the causes of climate change. 

Mona Newton, the executive director of the Community Office of Resource Efficiency, CORE, says there’s a lot of work being done in the Roaring Fork Valley. But, she says, it’s time for more.

“What we need is scale," said Newton. "We need more people to get involved. And we need more people to make their homes or business more energy efficient.”

Wednesday night's climate forum includes, among others,  the CEO of Holy Cross Energy, the Mayor of Aspen, and councilmembers from Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.

Newton says it's an opportunity for people to find out what they can do to lessen the causes of climate change.


“People want to get involved. They don’t know how to get involved. And, they aren’t sure what the entry point is," Newton said.


Newton says Wednesday night's climate change forum is the first of what she expects to be many entry points around the Roaring Fork Valley to get involved.

“Beyond the Strike” is tonight at Carbondale’s Third Street Center from 5 to 7.